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What diet is best for you?


This short article in our Mini-Blog series about what diet is best for you, is relaying the most recent rankings of the diets with regards to their health benefits.

This year 39 various diets were reviewed by a panel of experts (nutritionists and specialists) in diabetes, heart diseases and weight management. The following nine categories of diets were considered:

  1. “best overall diet”.
  2. Best diet for “healthy eating”,
  3. Best diet for weight loss,
  4. Best diet for FAST weight loss,
  5. The Best Heart-healthy-diet,
  6. Best diet for people with Diabetes,
  7. Best Plant-Based Diet,
  8. Best Commercial Diet,
  9. EASIEST Diet to follow.

The panel of 24 experts reviewed each of 39 diets examined and made their rankings using the following considerations:

  1. Nutritional value,
  2. Safety of use,
  3. Diet effectiveness in prevention against and management of heart diseases,
  4. Diet effectiveness in prevention of Diabetes Mellitus t. 2,
  5. Effectiveness in short-term and long-term weight loss,
  6. Ease of Compliance.
what diet is best for you


BEST OVERALL DIET CATEGORY: First place: Mediterranean Diet; Second and Third Place (in a tie): DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) and Flexitarian diets (plant based diet with occasional use if meat and animal products and limited sugar and sweets); Fourth Place: Weight Watchers Diet.

BEST DIET FOR HEALTHY EATING: First and Second Place (a tie): Mediterranean and DASH diets; Third Place: Flexitarian, Fourth Place: Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) Diet (aimed to reduce level of cholesterol).

BEST DIET FOR  SUSTAINABLE WEIGT LOSS: First and second place (a tie): Flexitarian Diet and Weight Watchers Diet; Third Place: VEGAN Diet,Fourth Place: VOLUMETRIC DIET (filling diet with low-caloric intake).

BEST DIET for RAPID WEIGHT LOSS: First Place: HMR Diet (based on MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKES with  Fruits&Veggies added);Second and Third Place (in a tie): Atkins (low carbohydates) and Weight Watchers diets.

BEST HEART-HEALTHY DIET: First- Second- and Third-Place (in Tie): DASH, Mediterranean, Ornish (Vegeterian) diets; Fourth Place (in tie): Flexitarian, TLC, Vegan diets.

BEST DIET FOR PEOPLE WITH DIABETES: First and Second (in a tie): Flexitarian and Mediterranean diets;Third (in tie): DASH, Mayo Clinic Diet, Vegan Diet.

BEST PLANT DIET: First – Mediterranean Diet; Second:  Flexitarian Diet,Third Place (in a tie):  Nordic Diet (whole grain, veggies, limited red meat dairy sugars and processed foods), Ornish and Vegetarian diets.

BEST COMMERCIAL DIET:  First:  Weight Watchers Diet; Second Place: Mayo Clinic Diet; Third Place (in a tie): Jenny Craig (prepackaged low calorie meals with a consultation and support) and Noom diet.

EASIEST DIET TO FOLLOW: First Place: Mediterranean Diet; Second Place – Weight Watchers; Third Place – Flexitarian Diet; Fourth Place: MIND Diet (DASH and Mediterranean combo) aiming brain boost)

Source: WebMD reporting the results of the U.S. News & World Report (2021)

The above summary of results on how nutrition and experts in the management of chronic diseases ranked various diets, leads to the conclusion that for a given health condition (say, diabetes or excessive weight etc.) some diets are better than others. With the Mediterranean diet ranking highest in many categories of diets, and Flexitarian and DASH diets, and also VEGAN diet ranking very high, Heavenly Health and Holistic Wellness Coaching is pleased to advise that our Coaches have a working knowledge of these types of diet. Proper diet is very often an integral part of a multi-faceted health modification plan aimed at the improvement of health and increasing wellness and wellbeing. Holistic health coaches, being the behavioral modification experts, support their Clients in reaching the health goals, including those related to implementation of a chosen diet. With receiving individual support from a Coach, the Clients are much better able to continue their transformation efforts, and to accomplish sustainable behavior modification changes, including staying on a selected diet.

As the diet is only one part of a multi-faucet plan designed by a Client with guidance from a Health Coach, and often is not the most difficult to implement due to abundance of recipes and resources, the role of the Health Coach in supporting a Client in their journey towards a healthier life and wellness cannot be understated.

 If you would like to discuss your health and wellness needs, and to see how one of our Health Coaches can assist you, please contact us today for a free Discovery Consultation.

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