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With increasing numbers of employees reporting excessive stress, there is a great need to address stress affecting the employees on the worksite. However, excessive stress is reported by most people, especially in the Covid-19 Pandemic. Sources of stress are different for everyone. Noise pollution, lack of time, being overworked, commuting to work, lack of sleep, financial strain, family matters are only few examples of common sources of stress. Triggers for a person experiencing severe acute stress also are individualized and may include a pressure felt in a workplace, a discussion with a boss about performance or a delivery of a regular project on the job, disagreements with coworkers, family members, dangerous events, loud noise especially when not expected, witnessing accidents on the road or on TV. As everyone reacts differently to stressors and has been affected by stress differently, there are no two identical stress problems. The stress “problems” can be, however, similar.


Heavenly Stress Reduction coaching program work clients with a desire to reduce the adverse effects of stress on themselves, starts with a self-discovery process to assist the client in identifying the stressors and stress triggers. After making a comprehensive assessment of the family and work environment and other whereabouts of a client, our coach will assist the client in developing several SMART goals to reduce the effects of the triggers on the stress level. The client will work with coach on acquiring new behavioral skills. The coach can use numerous coaching techniques like behavioral cognitive coaching, mindfulness, and work with the client on modification of mindset. Yoga and meditation are part of the program for stress reduction. Beneficial effects of regular exercise are reviewed by the coach with each client. Regular exercise is very often one of the key components of a behavioral stress reduction program. If a client does not perform it in a regular manner, our coach work with the client to co-create additional SMART goals relevant to exercising regularly. Outdoors physical activities can also be included in the stress reduction program. If appropriate and desired, a client will be assisted in developing relevant behavioral goals and supported in making them sustainable ones.

Stress reduction is one of the most common problem in coaching practice. As the chronic stress adversely affect quality of sleep, digestion, immune system, perception of wellbeing and personal happiness, our coaches strive to go to the roots of the stress and through individual coaching reduce the effects of stress on the client. Also, if a coach will develop an understanding that the client might suffer from anxiety or other emotional mood disorders, client will be referred to their Physician or a Psychologists. Health coaching services are not a substitute for counseling for emotional disorders. With a stress originating in unresolved Client family unit issues, the Client may also be advised to seek Family Counseling to address that particular root of the problem. Such a referral could be beneficial and enhance Client’s work with our coach to develop behavioral habits to reduce the stress and its effects on client’s wellbeing.

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